Tuesday, June 18, 2013

24K - The Great Alternative Energy Drink

24K is a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated and sugary energy drinks on the market.  There are 24 high quality ingredients that help give you the energy and focus you need.  In 2011, 24K was selected for the people's choice award which you can read about in the following link:

This formula has been through clinical testing and is synergistically balanced to give you the nutrients needed to stop the fatigue cycle caused by caffeine and sugar.  As with all healing it can take time to stop the caffeine-related cycle and to renew the normal sleep cycle that your body does naturally so that you can work at your optimal level of energy.

How to Order 24K

All you have to do is sign up at www.my24kvip.com using the code - 24Kmentalboost and you will receive VIP membership which includes a continuous 10% discount on the 24K energy drink.  This also gives you a customer number so that you can buy other products from Reliv International.

This site is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.  Reliv Products do not cure, but give the body the high quality, synergistic nutrients it needs to allow the body to do what it can to bring about the healing process.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Eat? The Path that Led Me to the No-Amylose Diet


                             How to Eat?  The Path that Led Me to the No-Amylose Diet

 This article of Epigenetic Science shows the groundbreaking research and impact of diet and nutrition with our health.  I am very grateful to Dr. Alfredo Galvez and Dr. Carl Hastings for all their work in bringing Lunasin to the world.  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/epigenetics-holds-key-to-healthier-future-169748806.html

My Grandma, Inger Jensen Frelander and her brother Fred from Denmark.  Amazing with the knowledge of Epigenetics we can affect future generations!

  The many options of a No-Amylose, Vegetarian, Paleo, Leptin, Glycemic Index or Gluten-Free way of eating etc, etc, etc...have been informative to say the least, but which one is the right one? 
  One day I found myself desperate to find more information as I was trying to figure out how to eat.  I had contemplated the endless task before me.  I decided to boycott research indefinitely!  My new plan was to just sit, be still, no more thinking or research but to just take a deep breath and hope the answer would just "poof" out of nowhere.  If only...However that only lasted about 10 seconds, well maybe 5.  It would take a miracle to shut my brain down - maybe someday:)

       5-10 seconds of pouting was all I could manage and my brain made me do an "OK - just one more google search and than nooo more" Ha-good luck with that!  I came up with this particular search, go figure.  A bit out there but why not?  So, I searched to see if there happened to be gluten in mattresses.  (Never did find the answer but if anyone knows I'm still a bit curious.)  What I did find was the highlight of my research that put all my frustrations into focus.  Dr. Richard Loyd's article royalrife.com/mold_toxins.pdf  helped me turn an important corner in our health.  He explains so well what happens if you have mold or lyme susceptibility.  It makes so much sense and gave me an idea of what I was dealing with and a name for the mold issue.  Explaining to people that your family has suffered greatly by black mold poisoning isn't as easy as saying we have arthritis, heart disease, allergies  etc...  Once you go over the line and become susceptible the journey to health can be very challenging.

                                           My Journey to the No-Low Amylose Diet              

       Dr. Richard Loyd refers to the No-Amylose Diet that Dr. Shoemaker recommends.  Amylose is a starch that enters into the blood stream quickly instead of slowly.  This diet is basically no wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, root vegetables, bananas because it causes a rapid rise in blood sugar and makes everything worse. There is an exception to onions and garlic (so glad!)  Of course, no processed food and only eating if you know where it came from is a good rule of thumb.  As I incorporated this diet it made a big difference.  There are different opinions on dairy and fruit.  As long as it's fresh or frozen fruit I keep that in my diet.  I minimize the REAL butter and do dairy occasionally - working on that one still and ok I confess a mocha every now and then.  Sometimes, a little fun if NOT in a crisis phase of your journey is a good thing:)  I try to take the best out of each diet, but do the No-Amylose as a foundation. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dr. Alfredo Galvez - Epigenetic Science

  It's so exciting to learn I have more control over my health than I ever thought!  My first lesson in Epigenetic Science was from Dr. Alfredo Galvez.  His biography is at
http://www.lunasin.com/ScientificResearch/ScientistBios.aspx www.lunasin.com
The more I study Epigenetics the more intrigued I get.  The possibilities are endless.  I'm looking forward to sharing whatever bit of knowledge I find to help people gain better health for themselves, their families and friends.  There are so many ways we can be involved in establishing healthier living.  Knowing I can have an effect for future generations by helping my children's health at the epigenetic level is incredibly hopeful!

Have a wonderful day!